Listings and Social Media

Listings and Social Media

Share button now lets you share listings to social media from FlexMLS with just a few clicks if a listing is (A) yours or (B) participating in the IDX program. This functionality requires you to consider three things to be in full compliance with all WAMLS and AREC policies:

1. Add your employing brokerage's name to your post.





2. Avoid adding additional text about the listing that might be subject to change.



3. The post links back to an IDX compliant display.

Most social media sites allow for the addition of text along with each post. You want to steer clear of including extra information about the price, MLS status and open houses. If you do include this or similar information that is subject to change, it is your responsibility to update the social media post every 12 hours to ensure accuracy.


Social Media Sharing FAQ

Q. Can I reference a listing's price and status in the commentary I add when sharing the listing to social media?

A. Yes and no. Yes, but per IDX policy, if you add information about the listing that could change, then you must monitor your social media posts and update every 12 hours. The link to the listing itself is automatically updated by FlexMLS.

Q. Can I share another agent's listing on social media?

A. Yes, absolutely if it is in the IDX program, stays updated and links back to an IDX display about the property. Remember that you are responsible for updating any information you add in the comment portion of such a social media post every 12 hours.

Q. Am I allowed to share another agent's listing to social media with the comment, "Contact me for a showing" followed by my phone number?

A. Yes, you may add your contact information to the comment section of a social media post of a listing. When someone clicks the link itself, they will still see the listing office that the listing belongs to.

Q. What if I don't want my listings shared by other agents on social media?

A. Social Media Sharing via FlexMLS is governed by the IDX Policy. IDX settings are controlled at the broker level so you should talk to them about how to opt-out of sharing your listings via IDX. If your broker allows it, you can uncheck the IDX option under the Broker Distribution tab of your listing to prevent that listing from appearing on brokerage/agent websites as well as prevent it from being shared on social media.

Q. Where can I find more information about AREC guidelines on social media posts?

A. Visit AREC's online resources:

ARECView Law (

ARECLaw List (