Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Walker Area Association of REALTORS®.  We serve REALTOR® members from Walker, Winston, Marion and surrounding counties. Whether you are just beginning your real estate career or have years of experience, the time is now to take advantage of all that WAAR membership has to offer. The Walker Area Association of REALTORS® has the tools and information you need to succeed in the real estate business. When you become a member of WAAR, you not only get benefits from one association but from two others as well: the Alabama Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.



The following paragraphs summarize how you may join this Association and/or MLS.

For Primary Association REALTOR® membershipYour primary association would be with Walker Area Association of REALTORS® meaning you will pay NAR and AAR dues through our association each year. You may have only one primary association. If you are already a member of another association, see Secondary Membership.

  1. You must have an active real estate license and be sponsored by a broker that is a primary or secondary member of our association; OR
  2. Have an active broker license or appraisal license.
  3. All members must attend an Association New Member Orientation, or provide proof that they have taken one within 2 years. Upon joining, members will be given 2 opportunities to take this orientation. 
  4. You are not required to join the MLS, but you must sign a waiver of MLS access.  If you are a Broker, you must be a member of the MLS if you sponsor agents that want to join the MLS.
    -  Note: All MLS members must attend a MLS New Member Orientation within 90 days of joining.

For Secondary Association membership:  This would allow you to have all local Association privileges and allow any licensees under your sponsorship to be able to join our board as a primary association member.

  1. You must currently hold primary membership with NAR, AAR, and another Local Association of REALTORS®.
  2. You must provide a letter of good standing from your Primary Board as proof of NAR, AAR and Primary local dues paid.
  3. You may join the MLS but you are not required to unless agents sponsored by you are planning to join. They will not be able to join the MLS unless you have done so.
    -  Note: All MLS members must attend a MLS New Member Orientation within 90 days of joining 

MLS Only Membership:  This would allow you to join only the MLS

  1. You must be sponsored by a broker that has MLS access.
  2. All members must attend a MLS New Member Orientation within 90 days of joining.